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There are many available qualified choices of certified public accountants and accounting firms to hire. The primary concerns of prospective clients are one of professionalism, knowledge, experience, reliability and responsiveness. Our mission is to meet these requirements with unparalleled attention and concern to your individual needs.  
We offer a variety of services for the following:
Non-profits - Do you receive federal or state grants? Are you eligible for a single audit or, are you properly allocating your grant expenditures? If you are not sure of your eligibility or your grant expenditures, give us a call for a free consultation.
Individuals - Have you receive a notice from the Internal Revenue Service? Have your financial condition change from prior years and you owe the Internal Revenue Service back taxes. Don't panic or ignore the notice, give us a call for a free consultation.
Small or Mid-sized business - Are you walking around in a financial daze? Do you know what your true cash balances are? If your answers are yes and no, contact us for a free consultation.